Wednesday, June 16, 2010

WWDC 2010 - iPhone 4

  • iPad didn't replace common tasks. Steve was referring his notepad on stage:). Old habits die hard.
  • Steve can still memorize 24 countries and repeat them in the same order. Bravo! Good job Steve.
  • Yes, he appreciated Microsoft for their HTML5 demos.
  • Now the revenue will be shared  60-40%. 40% of iAd revenue to Apple.
  • Will FaceTime work if there are quite a few devices on the Wi-Fi network?
  • If FaceTime is Open, then H.264 and AAC too?
  • If the same front side glass was used in the back of iPhone 4, can we replace the backside glass for the front in case of damages to the front?
  • 29$ for bumb ( a band covers the antennas'). Come on Steve, let the poor guys live with the iPhone/iPad cover business.
  • FaceTime is open since it use many OpenSource tools & standards.

are the points I notice with Keynote video.



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